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[Mod] IBM (Industrie Building Mod) v1.3.0 - Beta für Mashinky
Aktualisiert: 09.05.2019 Veröffentlicht: 11.01.2018 155 Downloads
Information: This Mod does not activate Industries from the beginning of your Game. This Mod only allows you to Build Industries in your Savegames which is by Default not possible!
How-To (Anleitung)
Copy the "IBM.rar" into the "../Steam/steamapps/common/Mashinky/mods" Folder and extract it.
You should now have an folder named "IBM" in your mods folder.
Enable the Mod InGame.

Copy the new "IBM.rar" into the "../Steam/steamapps/common/Mashinky/mods" Folder.
Extract it and overwrite the old one.

Delete the "IBM" folder from "../Steam/steamapps/common/Mashinky/mods" Folder.
Version (01.05.2019):
- Changed: (Temporary) changed all Industry Building Prices to 1 because of you need to pay the same Price for every Upgrade
- Prevent City Generation on new Era. Cities would only Generate on start of a new Game (Random Map)
- Add 5th Era Industries (17 Industries now Buildable)
 • Farm
 • Food Shop
 • Coal Power Plant
 • Oil Power Plant
 • Glassworks

Version (04.03.2019):
- Fixed problem with new Industrie Generation on new Era

Version (30.12.2018):
- Changed: The Mod now changes the Generation of the Industries on a new Game. The Game does not Generate now any Industries so you can Start a new Game complete without Industries.
IMPORTANT! Mod Folder Structure has changed. Please read the Install Instructions!

Version 0.1.2 (06.10.2018):
- Fixed: You can now completly Demolish Industries you have Buyed/Placed
- Changed: FBO (Free Build Option) Mod is no longer required since you cant Build anymore Buildings that do not Cost anything anymore!
- Add 4th Era Industries (12 Industries now Buildable)
 • Steelworks
 • Sand Mine

Version 0.1.1 (11.01.2018):
- Fixed Bug where all Output / Inputs of the Extensions shown twice
- Add 3rd Era Industries (10 Industries now Buildable)
 • Oil Well
 • Rafinery
 • Factory

Version 0.1.0 (11.01.2018):
- Initial Release
- 7 Industries Buildable
 • Post
 • Forest
 • Sawmill
 • Iron Mine
 • Coal Mine
 • Foundry
 • Toolworks