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[Mod] Modular TrafficLights v1.6 für Scrap Mechanic
Aktualisiert: 01.08.2018 Veröffentlicht: 12.03.2017 8 Downloads
Version 1.6:
- Re-Ordered Textures. Now each Trafficlight Type has its own Texture etc.
- Re-Exported all Light Objects because the Axis damaged. You need to Place and Connect them new! (Sorrry for that)
- Added a Button for Pedestrians which can placed on the Trafficlight Poles
- Added Trafficlight Type for Cycles
- Added Arrow Straight (Up) and X as separate Trafficlight
- Added Traffliclight Backplates or called Sunprotection (Single, Middle & End) which you can Mount from the Front of the Lights
- Reduced the Default Light Luminace from 50 (11) to 25 (6)
- Edit Inventory Icons. Now you see better which Light what is!

Version 1.5.1:
- Fixed Broken Lighting and Glowing

No Changelog before Version 1.5